Foreword by Raymond Aaron. Introduction: Why should bars, cafes, and restaurants care about intellectual property? What is intellectual property? What is IP? Protecting your brand through trademarks: What is a trademark? Main types of trademarks. Three main reasons to trademark your brands. Unregistered (common-law) trademarks. Trademarks vs. Trade Names. Seven benefits of trademark registration. Can you register your trademarks? Should you register your trademarks? How do you register your trademarks? How much does trademark registration cost? Trademark Tips & Tricks.

You own the restaurant. Who owns your website, photographs, marketing materials and apps? Paying does not mean buying: photographers and designers own it unless there is a contract. What about your employees? How long do copyrights last? Where are copyrights protected? Moral rights. Pre-existing materials and third-party content. So what should the contract say? Model releases. Paying authors and artists whose music is played in your bar, cafe or restaurant. Risk management. Copyright tips & tricks. Protecting your recipes: what is your recipe of choice? Where are secrets protected? How long does trade secret protection last? So how do trade secrets protect you? Trade secret tips & tricks

Patents: what if you came up with something groundbreaking? Andrei Mincov’s story


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